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Halwa Puri – A Traditional Pakistani Breakfast Delight

Beyond the breakfast hours, halwa puri is also served as a late-night snack. Hence, it is an all-day dish best enjoyed by folks in Pakistan and those exploring the culinary wonders of Pakistani cuisine. These dishes are usually taken at the weekend or for special events and bring together families around the pan being sizzled over a gas stove in a garden. The aroma is so strong that it can be smelled across the kitchen. Halwa puri is a delicious combination of main course items as well as the dessert, so that when you enjoy spicy chole (chickpea curry) or the aloo ki spicy potato curry (Bhujia), you will find that your tongue taste buds are alighted and you will be craving for more.

Halwa Puri – A Traditional Pakistani Breakfast Delight

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  • 1 cup Semolina (Sooji/Rava)

  • 1 cup Sugar

  • ½ cup pure butter

  • 4-5 Cardamom Pods

  • Sprinkling Saffron Strands as sparingly allowed

  • 2 cups Water

  • 2 cups All-purpose (Maida)

  • ½ teaspoon Salt

  • Vegetable Oil (for frying)

  • 1 cup Chickpea Flour (Besan), instead

  • ½ teaspoon Baking Powder


  • Preparation: Dishes like Halwa & Puri- step by step procedure.
    Introduce the first step, i.e. the process of the preparation of halwa. Let ghee, half a cup, heat over medium fire in a deep-based pan w. semolina (1 cup). Roast the semolina(sooji) obligatory until it becomes golden brown and gives equally lovely smell.
    And now we are coming to the hot part, boil 2 cups of water using another saucepan. Now, stir in 1 cup of water, 4 to 5 cardamom pods (lightly crushed), and a pinch of saffron strands and mix it until the water and sugar combine in a thick and sweet mixture.
    Now pour already hot sugar syrup over the previously roasted semolina(sooji), to prevent lumps formation stirring constantly. Cook the mixture up to the extent that it become thicker and acquires the characteristic that it sticks to the vessel sides. After reaching the boil, turn off the hotplate and keep it warm.
  • To prepare the puris:
    1. Add 2 cups of all-purpose flour (maida) and half teaspoon of salt to the bowl. Mix them in the direction that is clockwise.
    2. In order to remove paint from clothes, you should use white vinegar which will ensure that the stains get removed easily. This will prevent the color from fading or yellowing.
    3. Flour the top of the dough firmly with a wet cloth so that it stays for 15 to 20 minutes at least to relax the dough.
    Roll the dough to make each into a small round shape, and roll out into thin circles with a rolling pin.
    You fry in a deep fryer and put into the vegetable oil, which heats up on medium-high heat. Tagging slowly, the rolled puris into the smoking oil and fry until they puff up and turn golden brown on both sides. Next, stab the puris that have absorbed oil and use a paper towel to remove oil that is left on them.
  • Cooking Process: Making Every Bite Fed the taste
    Cook it slowly till such time the halwa becomes the perfect melt on the tongue consistency, leaving behind a trail of scents and aromas from ghee and cardamom in the air.
  • Serving: Halwa Puri is a cultural heritage of our country that is already loved under the warm and stylish presentations
    Prepare the warm halwa and puri on a serving plate, that is richly decorated with chopped nuts and dried fruits for an over the top bite. Put this dish together with searing spicy chole, zesty aloo ki bhujia, or milky yogurt to get the real feel of a hearty breakfast.

Beautiful Tip

  • Do not forget the extra-decorative elements: drizzle the halwa with saffron-infused milk and finish it with a sprinkle of dried rose petals. This infuses, not only the sweet scent, but also an aesthetic grace to the cake, thus, increasing the satisfaction the dish provides when it is served for celebrations or for treats alike. All have you! Marry Your best friends, family members, and hang out with your loved ones to taste puri halwa.

Interesting Facts About Halwa Puri

Historical Roots:

Halwa-Puri is an event dish that not only enriches Indian cuisine but also some areas of Pakistan and Northern India. The experience goes way back to over a hundred years ago when the meal was taken to commemorate significant celebrations.

The Perfect Pairing

Puri Halwa in this regard is another food correspondingly where the sweet and the salty get together to create a balance. The light and crispy puris, which are slightly sweet, give out the semolina-based halwa (millets) for the balanced and harmonious taste and texture.

Regional Variations

Although a standard combination of Halwa Puri consist of above basic elements, different areas would likely add some regional variations to enhance the taste. While some ingredients might vary from one spot to another such as water, wheat flour, semolina, or even lentils, this difference can result in an either smooth and creamy or rich and earthy texture and taste.

Street Food Delight

In South Asian streets, busies and sturdy marketplaces; you will see Halwa Puri as a roadside cuisine. The specialty of vendor stands is the puris made in huge kadhais and then fried. Besides this, the halwa fills the air with its pleasant aroma of the warm halwa giving people the privilege to sample these delicacies.

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